You Can Build a Movement for Youth Justice!

Check out the YJC's latest action update and move the people around you to get involved. From city block to cell block and everywhere in between, we can fight the murder, mass  incarceration and deportation of youth. This week,...More info >

Knowledge Really Is Power

Don't wait for you, your friends or family to get caught up. Know your legal rights on the street, in school and in the system from arrest through sentencing, incarceration and homecoming. These legal education guides are easy to print. Get them out to everyone you know. More info >

Don't Just Read About History; Make History!

The YJC's FREE L.A. High School – (FREE L.A. = Fight for the Revolution that Will Educate and Empower L.A.) – gives youth a chance to get a high school diploma while also  getting hands-on training in direct action organizing that brings justice to our families and communities. More info >

Know Your Roots

Find out how L.A., California and the U.S. built its addiction to incarceration. The histories of the prison system, public education, youth policies and resistance movements are included. More info >

We've Been to More Funerals than Graduations

Parents shouldn't have to bury their children, and little kids shouldn't have to light memorial candles. But L.A.'s streets have been bleeding for 40 years. Children here have higher PTSD rates than the children in Baghdad or American soldiers returning home from war. Help us build a memorial to youth killed, incarcerated, disappeared, deported. More info >

Youth and Community-Led Research Adds Power and Credibility

The YJC's RealSearch Project trains youth leaders in the history of traditional research and its often devastating impact on poor people and people of color, challenges participants to develop ethical research standards, and supports us to engage in original research intended to bring real progress to our families and communities. More info >

L.A. - Where the Answer to 'Where You From?' Could Get You Killed

We're refugees from the war on drugs and the war on gangs, from a city that thinks our hall of fame comes with locks and chains. We're from the blocks where white picket fences were replaced decades ago by razor wire and security gates. More info >

Chuco's - Building a Resource for Culture, Creativity and Liberation

Chuco's Justice Center serves as a safe and supportive youth and community space, resource center, and gathering place for organizers, artists, educators and organizations contributing to the growing social justice movement in Los Angeles.  More info >

The Latest

YES on Prop 57: People not Prisons!


In just three weeks, Californians will have the opportunity to change the state's criminal injustice system and reduce the deeply destructive impact that our enormous and expensive prisons have on more than 1110,000 people, our families and our communities. On Election Day, November 8th, vote Link

Pass SB 882! By Tomorrow (6-23-16) Send a Letter to CA Assembly

SB 882 YJC Flyer Fare Evasion CA

Thanks to all your work, SB 882 passed out of the State Senate - with a vote of 24-14 - and now has to make it through the Assembly!  The bill will be heard in the Assembly Public Safety Committee Tuesday, June 28th at 9AM.  Please use the sample below to submit a letter of support.  And, if Link

Come to the YJC FREE LA High 2016 Graduation! Thursday, 6/23 at 5:00pm at USC Campus.


Come celebrate the outstanding FREE LA High Youthbuild Charter Class of 2016 with the Youth Justice Coalition! RSVP and Get Info Here. WHEN: Thursday, June 23, 2016 starting at 5:00PM. 5:00PM: Photos and Graduates Lineup 6:00PM: Ceremony WHERE: USC School of Social Work Seeley G. Mudd Link

Support the YJC FREE LA High Class of 2016 Graduates!

FREE LA 2016 Group Graduates

Please Donate to the Youth Justice Coalition FREE LA High Class of 2016! THE STORY: These students are graduating from FREE LA High School (Fighting for the Revolution to Educate and Empower Los Angeles) while also helping to support their families, getting up in darkness to get younger Link

Print all In new window Pass SB 1052! Ensures Miranda Rights for All Youth – Please Send a Letter to CA Assembly

YJC SB 1052 Every Youth Deserves Lawyer Flyer

Thanks to all your work, SB 1052 passed out of the State Senate, and now has to make it through the Assembly! This bill will: require youth under 18 to consult with counsel prior to waiving their Miranda rights. This will preserve youth’s constitutional rights and ensure greater integrity and Link

Float Like A Butterfly…

Muhammad Ali YJC Meme #1

To all the other Young People of Color and Warriors out here-Rumble, Young Fam, Rumble. ‪#‎Ali‬ ‪#‎RiseInPower‬ ‪#‎RIP‬ ‪#‎Butterfly‬ Link

Write A Letter Of Support for AB 2298-End The War On Youth!

Injunctions Equal Injustice Mural

AB 2298 Passed out of the State Assembly, and now has to make it through the Senate! Join these amazing organizations and Write A Letter of Support outlined below and on our This historic bill will: Ensure people of all ages right to notification, right to Link

Yesterday AB 2298 (Gang Databases) Passed Out of CA State Assembly!

Thank You orgs AB 2298 YJC Partners flyer logos

Thank you for all your letters, calls, personal testimony and meetings with legislators in districts and in Sacramento. Together, we passed AB 2298 out of the State Assembly!   This historic bill will: Ensure people of all ages right to notification, right to challenge Link

L.A. City Spends 70 TIMES More on LAPD Than on Youth. Meeting Today 4-6PM to Fight for a Different Future

LA 4 Youth youth vs police spending 2016 infographic Meme

L.A. City spends 70 TIMES MORE on the Los Angeles Police Department than it does on Youth. And next year will be worse with LAPD set to receive a budget increase of $180 Million! Please join us today and EVERY FIRST FRIDAY for the LA for Youth Meeting to push LA to invest in youth! Link

Take Action to Pass SB 2298: E-Mail and Tweet Assemblymember Gonzalez!

AB 2298 Im not your label YJC Bill

Together, we can pass AB 2298! This historic bill will: Ensure people of all ages right to notification, right to challenge designation with the law enforcement agency, and right to appeal to a neutral party if they are added to a shared gang database (including but not limited to CalGang); Link