YJC Reports

Negative Impacts of Gang Injunction on Youth and Communities

From facing constant stops to breaking up families, this report describes the negative impacts gang injunctions have on youth and communities.

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Echo Park Injunction Fact Sheet

The hearing for the Echo Park Preliminary Injunction is on August 21, 2013 at 8:30am – 111 N. Hill St. between Temple and First Streets in downtown Los Angeles. The community and the people targeted by the injuction have an opportunity to fight it if they either feel the injunction is not needed, or is a violation of individuals’ civil and human rights.

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Tracked and Trapped

The first report to expose who is on the California (CalGang) Database, further documents the effect that police labeling of youth has on their life chances, the disproportionate impact gang suppression has on Black and Brown youth, and offers essential policy solutions to better ensure against the devastating criminalization of future generations.

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Families Unlocking Futures – Solutions to the Crisis in Juvenile Justice

Highlights the experiences and recommendations of more than 1,000 families across the U.S. whose children have been arrested, in court and/or incarcerated. The YJC is proud to be a member of Justice for Families and was among 12 community organizations that worked on the report.

Click here for a pdf version of the report. Click here to link to Justice for Families Website.

Transportation is an Educational Right

Calls for an end to the criminalization of youth for riding buses and Metro trains without fare and makes the argument for free public transportation for all students kindergarten through college in order to ensure that young people can access educational resources and take advantage of all the experiences and opportunities that exist beyond their immediate neighborhoods.

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Welcome Home L.A.

Documents the essential policies, resources and opportunities needed to ensure that people coming home from juvenile halls, jails and prisons can succeed. Many of the recommendations address the very real discrimination and isolation formerly incarcerated people face and offers new insight on issues of re-entry form those of us who have made the painful transition from cage to community.

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Getting Paid

Exposes the impact on families when state and local governments bill them for thousands of dollars for the time their child is detained or incarcerated. Experiences and solutions are posed by low income and working class families who have had their tax refunds confiscated, wages garnished, and homes threatened by a huge multi-million-dollar bureaucracy – the L.A. County Department of Probation – that has been under federal investigation for abuse, neglect and miseducation of the youth in its care.

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