Respect the Space

1.  FREEDOM FROM OPPRESSION. The responsibility to promote and teach ourselves and others attitudes, behavior and language that treat all people with dignity, love and respect regardless of their race, class, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, gang/crew/neighborhood affiliation, religion, immigration status and/or involvement with the “juvenile” or “criminal” injustice systems.

2.  FREEDOM FROM ALL FORMS OF VIOLENCE. The right to a space free from violence and/or harassment of any kind whether it’s sexual, verbal, physical or emotional.  Everyone has a right to have conflicts resolved through nonviolent communication and mediation.

3.  FREEDOM FROM ARREST, INCARCERATION AND DEPORTATION. The responsibility to protect the freedom of all who enter the space, (especially freedom from police contact or addiction).  We must have the backs of those most at risk (people on a gang database/injunction, Probation, Parole, people with felony convictions, those without U.S. documents and those in recovery or struggling to battle addiction to drugs and/or alcohol).  Don’t do anything at, or bring anything to the space, trips, events or actions that will endanger or threaten the freedom, safety, dignity or health of others.

4.  FREEDOM FROM HATEFUL OR HURTFUL EXPRESSION. The responsibility to use respectful language whether in conversation, art, music, films or other means.  Nobody’s perfect but everybody is expected to work on treating others with respect and dignity.  This includes learning about and listening to different cultures, identities and perspectives.  We will all mess up.  Check yourself and expect to be checked.


5A. The responsibility to respect, protect, clean and maintain the physical space; and the responsibility to respect and protect other people’s property, furniture, materials and art.

5B.  The responsibility to use only the Graf Room for tagging, throw ups, slap tags, scribes or any other form of graffiti. No set tripping, slashing, or disrespectful topping.  In order to protect yourself and others from personal harm/retaliation, from police harassment and/or arrest, and to respect our community, do not tag on people’s homes and/or businesses.  Any tagging within two square blocks of the space will be immediately buffed and the person(s) will be held accountable. (Additional areas of the space outside the graf room are set aside for murals that are authorized by the “Piece Cru”.  Get an application if you want to get up.)

6. THE RIGHT TO A DRUG AND ALCOHOL FREE SPACE and the right to a space free of police which drugs and alcohol will bring down on everyone.  No alcohol or drugs may be brought into, kept or used in the space or in the area within two square blocks of the space.  You may not enter the space buzzed, faded, high or drunk, or smelling of drugs or alcohol.  You have a right to a safe way home if you are unable to safely make it home on your own.  We care about you and your health. You also have the right to resources and support to stop or cut back.

7. THE RIGHT TO A SPACE FREE FROM WEAPONS. No weapons may be brought into, kept or used in the space.  Any weapons found will be confiscated.

8. THE RIGHT TO A SMOKE FREE ENVIRONMENT. No cigarettes may be smoked in the space or directly outside the doors of the space.  In order to smoke, cross the street.   Adults may not smoke with youth under 18 years of age.  We care about you and your health.  You have the right to resources and support to stop or cut back on your smoking.

9.  THE RIGHT TO ORGANIZE. The responsibility to organize for justice for ourselves, our families and our communities.  This is a political space.  Honor it, all those behind the walls and razor wire of the juvenile and criminal injustice system, those lost to deportation, police or street violence, and the millions of known and unknown warriors who came before us in the struggle by getting active.