Use the Space

To apply to use the space, use the form below or click here to download an application.

Meetings to coordinate space security, guidelines for use, inter-organizational support and respect, and space development/expansion occur on the last Sunday of each month. At least one representative from each organization who holds an office at the space must attend. The meetings are open to all, but decisions are made by consensus, and when not reached, by vote with two votes per organization.

Organizations or individuals that do not comply with the space guidelines, mission or purpose may lose any or all space privileges or be asked to leave the space at any time.  Organizations or individuals are entitled to a hearing at the monthly space meeting pending any loss of privileges.

Coordination of the setting and collection of fees for use of the space is established at the space meeting and then agreed to by the organizations using the space.  The YJC is authorized to monitor and collect compensation for any expenses occurred including rent, maintenance, repair and utilities.

All parties – (including all individuals and organizations, whether guests or members) – using the space must comply to the following rules put in place for the protection of our members – particularly those with current court cases, those on Probation and Parole, those on the gang database or gang injunctions, those with felony records, those risking deportation, those in recovery from drug and/or alcohol use, and those under the age of 18 for whom the space and its member organizations are legally obliged to act as surrogate guardians in the absence of parents or guardians.

Meetings, trainings and events at the space must be intended to maximize productivity, equal participation and fair decision making – the use of agendas and facilitation are encouraged.

All participants are required to clean and organize the space as it was upon using the room or rooms.

Deposit: A deposit of $100 (for individuals) or $250 (for organizations) must be made 2 weeks prior to the event (give to a YJC staff member.  If any of the space guidelines are violated during the event, the deposit will NOT be returned.  Security is also required for all events at a ratio of 10 participants to 1 security (volunteer or paid).

As a part of Chuco’s Justice Center, you would be expected to follow the guidelines.  If you would like to recommend any changes or additions to these guidelines, please present these ideas at a space meeting.

The space guidelines must be posted at the space at all times.

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Refer to the space guidelines under About the Space and describe how your organization fits into the mission of Chuco's Justice Center.

Please check to indicate that you have read and agree to following the space guidelines.

How much space will you need? What dates and times will you need the space? How many people are you expecting will be attending? Include what shared space -- (e.g. classrooms, spray room, large events areas, conference room, etc.) -- you will need.

Please describe the event and the purpose. (Please add as much detail as possible.)

What can you contribute to the space and its members? (Please indicate any financial contribution as well as services/resources/trainings you can give.)