Fact Sheet / Community Report for Court Hearings on the Placenta and LaJolla Gang Injunction Fight

Say No TO Placentia Gang Injunction YJC November 2015

READ THE Placentia – La Jolla Gang Injunction Fact Sheet Here!

Monday, November 16th
8:30am – Court Hearing on LaJolla Injunction
12:30pm Press Conference outside in front of court entrance
1:30pm Court Hearing on Placentia Injunction

Central Justice Center, 700 Civic Center Drive West, Santa Ana, CA 92701

For More Information, Contact: 

Michelle Martinez, (909) 973-5483

Dolores Canales, (714) 290-9077

Martha Flores, (714) 610-3739

Theresa Smith, (714) 299-8121

Lifelong Residents of the OC Neighborhoods of LaJolla and Placentia Will Pack the Court 

Placentia – La Jolla Gang Injunction Fact Sheet

Today to Defeat Two Proposed Gang Injunctions

Press Conference at Orange County Superior Court will highlight mounting community opposition to the Placentia and LaJolla gang injunctions led by hundreds of community residents who have family roots in the community for generations. The large crowd that gathers will include people whose loved ones have been served with the injunctions along with residents who are concerned by the loss of freedom and economic stability this will mean for the entire community.

The two gang inunctions will also be heard in court today for the first time by Judge Peter J. Wilson, and the community will pack the court for the two hearings – at 8:30am for LaJolla and 1:30pm for Placentia – arguing that Orange County residents should have the opportunity to address the court regarding the potential harm that the injunctions represent.

District Attorney Tony Rackaukas crafted the injunctions without any public hearing in the community – even the Placentia City Council, City Manger and City Attorney claim they were unaware of the DA’s plans until the injunction was filed in court and served on the community.

The DA is pushing the injunctions forward despite historic lows in crime throughout Orange County.  The most dramatic drops have occurred in Placentia – that has crime rates comparable to the 50 safest cities in California.  For example, Beverly Hills and Huntington Beach both have crime rates significantly higher than Placentia.

Michelle Martinez who grew up in Pacentia and whose family has lived here for generations said, “We don’t know why we are getting these injunctions. The District Attorney and the Police Department have had no public hearings; they haven’t even presented to the City Council.  They claim that there is so much violence that people are afraid to come out of their homes, to walk through the community, to go to local businesses.  But those claims are incorrect.  Our restaurants are packed – with both residents and tourists. Community events in the park are so safe that there isn’t even a police presence.  Today we have filled the courtroom, and we brought more than 300 letters from residents who say they are NOT afraid.  We have a right to decide what our community needs.”

Residents are worried that injunctions have historically been used throughout the state to support economic development, gentrification and displacement, especially given large scale development plans in Placentia – including the changes planned for Old Town and the communities along Orangethorpe.  Dolores Canales also grew up in Placentia and her family has also been here for generations.  “My grandfather paved these streets. Our families worked the farms and built the community that other people have come to love and appreciate. Now that developers want to control the historic district of Placentia and build new homes and shopping complexes for wealthier people, the gang injunctions are a convenient way to push us out.  But we know this tactic.  Past generations were forced out by freeway expansion and the redevelopment of major streets.  We say no more.  This is our community, we have a right to be here, and our neighborhood is not for sale!!!”


There has been a dramatic increase in the use of gang injunctions in Orange County.  Recently, 2 additional “injunction zones” were created targetting three neighborhoods in the city of Placentia – La Jolla and Placentia.

At several community meetings over the past month, over 200 residents have come out to voice their opposition to the injunctions – led by LIFE-LONG COMMUNITY RESIDENTS OF THE COMMUNITIES OF PLACENTIA AND LA JOLLA – along with members of Chicanos Unidos, Orange County ACLU, and the Youth Justice Coalition.

Efforts to defeat the gang injunctions in Placentia are  In communities throughout the state, gang injunctions have increased the use of agressive policing impacting the entire community, including increased stops and frisks of youth/young adults on the street, increased searches in schools, raids of people’s homes, Probation, Parole and ICE checks, and the increased use of militarization including helicopters above the community.

Placentia – La Jolla Gang Injunction Fact Sheet

#InjunctionsAreInjustice #OurStreets

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