Please Call the CA Senate! Vote Yes on AB2298 Gang Databases – Expected On Senate Floor Tuesday, 8/23/16

YES ORGS AB 2298 Gang Database Bill Organizations CA

Emergency Action Tuesday Morning (August 23rd) to Pass AB 2298!

 The California Senate will vote on AB 2298, the gang database bill, Tuesday, August 23rd.  We need your help to pass the bill out of the State Senate! Call and tweet the Senators who still aren’t a solid YES vote!

1.      Call the target Senators (the contact list is below): 

Sample phone script: “Hi, I live in/work in Senator __________’s district.  (If you don’t have a tie to the district, you can mention the name of your organization instead.) I’m calling to voice my support for AB 2298, which the Senate will be heard on the Senate floor today. The bill will bring accuracy, consistency, and transparency to the use of gang databases. Can I count on the Senator’s vote in support of AB 2298?”

2.      Send a tweet to the target Senators:

Pass AB 2298! CA State Audit confirms that gang databases operate w/o transparency @ilike_mike @isadorehall @MartyBlock39 #AB2298

Gang databases need to be accurate & consistent – vote yes on AB 2298! @GeneralRoth @SenLoisWolk #AB2298

Bring accuracy & transparency to gang databases – vote yes on AB 2298! @SenatorGalgiani @SenatorPavley #AB2298

Target Senators

Senator Block (San Diego), 916.651.4039, @MartyBlock39

Senator Galgiani (San Joaquin County), 916.651.4005, @SenatorGalgiani

Senator Hall (Los Angeles), 916.651.4035, @isadorehall

Senator McGuire (Marin, Sonoma), 916.651.4002, @ilike_mike

Senator Pavley (Los Angeles, Ventura), 916.651.4027, @SenatorPavley

Senator Roth (Riverside), 916.651.4031, @GeneralRoth

Senator Wolk (Contra Costa, Napa), 916.651.4003, @SenLoisWolk

You can use the graphic below to show the growing support for AB 2298!  If you want more information on gang databases or AB 2298, check out the infographic at the bottom of this message.


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