Police Stop – Don’t Talk!


1. STAY CALM. No matter how agitated or hostile the police act,  don’t lose your temper.  This will make the whole process go worse for you.

2. DON’T TALK. Give your name, contact info and parent’s info if the police ask for it. If you have an ID, show it, but never say you were born outside the U.S.  Besides that, don’t answer any questions.

3. ASK FOR A LAWYER if the police keep asking you questions, tell you that you can’t leave or arrest you.  Once you request a lawyer, it’s illegal for them to ask any more questions.

4. BE SAFE. Don’t run, reach into your pockets or backpack, or make any sudden moves. You could get beat, OC (pepper) sprayed, chased down by a police dog, or shot.  If you’re in a car, have everyone put their hands out the windows. If the cops have their guns out, freeze with your hands up.

5. SAY “NO” TO A SEARCH. The police can pat you down if they think you have something illegal. But, once they go inside your pockets, cell phone, car or backpack, that’s a search.  Say, “I do not consent to this search.”

6. GANG LAWS. Don’t ever claim you’re from a ‘hood, give a nick-name, throw up any signs, or talk about who you associate with.  You don’t have to be arrested or convicted to be labeled as a “gang member.”  Every police contact can put you at risk for being added to a gang database or injunction – and if you are arrested you could face gang enhancements in court.

Click here for a more detailed poster about what to do when you’re stopped by the police: