End the School-to-Jail Track


endskootojailtrackWhat is the School-to-Jail Track?

The school-to-jail track is the widespread pattern of pushing students out of school and into lock-up.  For nearly all of us, our push into the system started with our push out of school. Current school construction and security policies create schools that look and act more like prisons.

Too many of us have been shot and shot at. We have buried our friends and our family members. Nearly all of us have been to more funerals than graduations. No one wants the violence to stop more than we do.

But, we have also seen how attempts to build public safety with security systems, armed police and prisons have failed. We want college prep, not prison prep.

The Youth Justice Coalition is working to end the School-to-Jail Track. We want to work with schools and school districts to make changes that will make schools safer and keep more youth in school. The YJC is also part of the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) national and local LA chapters as well as a member of the Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ).

NoPoliceInSchoolsOur Demands

  • No Police in Schools – replace police with community intervention workers.
  • End Zero-Tolerance Policies as well as the use of suspensions/expulsions for behavior issues.
  • Implement Transformative Justice/Restorative Justice/PBIS
  • Transform Our Schools – Our schools should reflect our communities and NOT prisons/jails.

Get Involved!

If you have been pushed out of school and into the streets or if you want to change the conditions in your school, hit us up. Currently, we are looking to find students attending Compton/Inglewood Unified, Green Dot Charter Schools, LACOE schools and any continuation/community day schools as well as students who have been pushed out of school. If you attend either districts or are a teacher interested in helping to organize students contact us at  323-235-4243

*This campaign is led by our youth organizers known as LOBOS (Leading Our Brothers/Sisters Out of the System).