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Africa Pulse

Africa Pulse is an information portal for the Civil Society sector in the Southern African Development Community. It uses state-of-the-art technology to allow organizations throughout the region to publish content directly to the site, whether it be news of the arrest of a journalist in Zambia, the HIV/Aids crisis in South Africa, a profile of an organization’s work in Tanzania, the devastation caused by a flood in Mozambique, an analysis of the war against Unita, or an election update from Harare. Organizations, academics, journalists, researchers, activists and unions are free to publish any material on the portal that is relevant to the Civil Society sector and to the region. There is space for organizations to alert the sector to events, such as protests, book launches, seminars or campaigns, and to advertise job vacancies. A database of website URLS (website addresses) searchable by category and country on anything from education, conflict and governance, to democracy and human rights also provides a valuable resource to the sector.

P O Box 31

Johannesburg, 2000
South Africa
(+27- 11) – 838-6943/4

Networking and Technical Assistance for Groups Involved in Human Rights,
Organizing and Advocacy

Bosasa-Dyambu Youth Centre

The Dyambu Youth Centre — outside Krugersdorp in Gauteng, South Africa — is home to 400 boys. The Dyambu Youth Centre is a very different sort of prison – for a start, the inmates are called guests, not prisoners. Situated between Randfontein and Krugersdorp, in what was once a hostel at a mine that has long since ceased operations, the prison is home to boys under 18 either awaiting trial or waiting to be sent to prison. Youth stay at Dyambu, the first Secure Care facility to be operated by a private company, for up to two years.

Parent Company –
Bosasa Located in Gauteng Krugersdorp
(011) 660-8050 Prison Reform,