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Co-operative Youth Organization Nepal – COYON

Nepal is a multi-cultural land of diverse religions and races, which is filled with rich natural beauty. In spite of this rich cultural and natural heritage, the lack of proper education and awareness among its people is causing Nepal to suffer socially, politically and economically.  Keeping this in mind "COYON" has been formed with the efforts of local enthusiasts, educated and self-motivated youngsters from the local community. The primary aims and objectives of the organization are: to eradicate the social and political problems by organizing different education programs; to provide education to the unprivileged children and helping them to build up their bright future; to raise the economic condition of local people by providing the agricultural training and running different agricultural programs; and to encourage the people to wisely use locally natural resources, which help to develop the economy of the local people and make them sustainable.

GPO Box: 2455
Kathmandu, Nepal



Economic and Community Development, Crime and Poverty  Prevention


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United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime

The Ministry of Justice is in charge of a broad area of legal affairs, which include civil, criminal, immigration and other matters. In particular, it takes charge of nationality, family registration and registration of real estate, prosecution of criminal cases, correction and rehabilitation of offenders, litigations involving the interests of the State, immigration control and registration of foreign residents, and the protection of the rights of citizens in general. Thus the Ministry of Justice is primarily responsible for maintaining the legal order of the country in which the rule of law is ensured.

1-26, Harumi-cho, Fuchu-shi,
Tokyo 183-0057, Japan



Crime Prevention, Administration of Court and Corrections, Program Development, Public Policy Development